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A wide variety of Windows based PC are available on the market for use with PE PRO.

Listed below are recommended specs that will allow you to take advantage of the power of PE software. However these are more than the minimum requirements and additional performance may be obtained with additional components:
Operating system: Win7, Vista or XP.
2.4 Ghz or above
80GB Hard Drive
17 - 20 In Flat Screens Monitor are really nice

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP
1Gb Ram
128 - 256 Mg graphics card

Microsoft Win7/Vista
2 Gb Ram
128 Mg graphics card

Color Ink Jet Printer
For Creation Station printing only: We require use of specific ink jet printers. Please contact us for more information.

For regular pritning, we are not aware of any printers that do not work for general printing purposes, so the choice is yours.

Personalized Expressions / Colors by Design

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