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Merchandising Solutions
Choose an in-store browser, a set of presentation albums, or the ultimate - a combination browser and album merchandiser!

       Merchandising Solutions
Combination Merchandiser Presentation Albums Wall Mount Browser Floor Stand Browser

As a way to showcase the expansive product library, we offer a variety of in-store merchandising solutions, with a choice for each space and budget requirement:
Wall Display - As shown in this retail environment, this eye catching display will be the magnet for your popular imprinting department. This effective merchandising solution can stand alone or be combined with an imprinting department and can be expanded with the simple addition of more merchandising panels.
   >>More info>>
Panel displays: Floor standing display - Our popular panel or wing displays are the perfect way to grab a customer's attention for your invitation and stationery business. Each display measures 36" wide and can include up to 31 wings and features over 600 invitations and stationery products. Need to present more of our thousands of products? The floor standing display can be used as an insland display with over 1,200 products in only 36"!    >>More info>>
Presentation Albums - The time tested method to show customers a wide range of invitations and stationery products is the stationery album. Our Creation Station collections include handmade albums to feature the complete family of products available in coordination designs.
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Combination Albums and Browser Display - This versatile, eye-catching display system will become the magnet for your social stationery department. Each impactful display panel easily presents products that will draw your customer to it. Our easy turning panel system allows for easy browsing and for you to merchandise a wide range of designs or themes. while the album shelving features a convenient working surface for the customer to effortlessly browse through their party selections. >>More info>>
Which one is right for me?
We offer a variety of solutions for every budget and space requirement. The wing or panel displays (Wall mount, floor standing and combination browser) are the most impactful and will immediately draw your customers to the display. The presentation albums are the perfect supplement to the panel displays as these contain all of the coordinating pieces for each invitation, thus leaving nothing to the imagination. By themselves, the presentation albums are perfect for the retailer that relies on the album business and provides a comfortable working album area and has support staff trained in selling from albums.

We suggest that you start with your desired merchandising solution and then determine which Creation Station package is right for you. >>More info>>

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